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Friday Mash: 5.26.17

Happy Birthday, Vijay!


14 ice skaters

2 shuttle runs 

7 plate Burpees 

Rest 3min 


Thrusters (65/45)


Rest 4min

7 rope climbs
14 man-makers

21cal assault bike

WOD: 5.25.17

*Reminder: 9:30 class only on Monday. We will be doing “Murph”
Flush:25min AMRAP 

400m row 

30 Bicycles

20 Slamball 

10 Burpees

15x 100m sprints

Rest 1min
Barbell Club:

A) 5×2 hang snatch

B) 4×3 OHS

C) 3×5 snatch DL

WOD: 5.24.17

Skill:A1) 3×12 DB row

A2) 3×12 ring dips 


20min AMRAP 

500m Burden Run

50 DUs 

50′ walking Lunge 

*varsity: add 50′ yoke carry 

WOD: 5.23.17

Skill:1rm front squat


3min AMRAP 

3 power cleans 135/95

6 box jumps

Rest 2min 

3min AMRAP 
4 power cleans 115/75

8 box jumps 

Rest 2min 

3min AMRAP 
5 power cleans 95/65

10 box jumps 
*Varsity: squat cleans/box jump overs

WOD: 5.22.17

Happy bday, Rachel! Skill: 

EMOM (7)

3 strict press (same weight as last week)


16min AMRAP alternating In partners, 

1,2,3,4….reps of 

Calorie row 

DB push press


WOD: 5.18.17

Endurance 5k row or run

25min AMRAP 

15cal row

15 slamballs 

15 sit ups

15m bear crawl

:30sec 1-arm OH (each side)
Barbell Club 

A) 5 sets of

power clean

Hang squat clean 

Split jerk 

B1) 5×3 Back squat @70%

B2) 5×3 wt pull up

WOD: 5.17.17

SkillWith a running clock,

800m run for time

@ 5:00, 

max kb c&j in 2min (1min per side)


800m farmers walk

*5 push ups each time you set them down

*don’t sandbag the weight!

WOD: 5.16.17

StrengthFront squat





5 rounds of:

2min AMRAP 



5 KBs 

Rest 1min

*resume Burpees from previous round

WOD: 5.15.17

SkillEMOM (7)

2 Strict press (build)


In partners, 

30 power cleans (heavy)

60 Wallball 

20 power cleans

50 Wallball 

10 power cleans 

40 Wallball 

*PC must be performed alternating singles
*partner holds plank during WBs

Friday Mash


15 KBS

3 shuttle runs

15 Wallballs 

Rest 4min

100 DUs
15 OHS

30 DB snatch

45sec L-sit

30 DB snatch

15 OHS

100 DUs 

Rest 4min

3 rounds of:
200m Sled drag

20 SA DB Push press

20 DL (135/95)

WOD: 5.11.17


25min AMRAP 

10 Burpee slamballs 

15 air squats

20 atomic sit ups

30 mtn climbers 

40m farmers walk (heavy)

50 single unders
Barbell Club:

A) 10min to work to a heavy snatch

B) 10min to work to a heavy C&J

C) 10min to 3rm back squat 

3 rounds 

50cal row

400m run

30cal bike

WOD: 5.10.17

Skill:A) 500m row for time

B) muscle up progressions


800m run

50m lunge

4 rope climbs

600m run

40m lunge

3 Rope climbs

400m run

30m lunge

2 rope climbs

WOD 5.9.17

Skill:A) EMOM (12)

1: 5 KB DL

2: 4 KB clean

3: 3 KB push press

B) front squats 





3min AMRAP 

15/12cal row

15 Slamballs 

15 Burpees 

Max T2B

Rest 3min 

3min AMRAP 

15/12cal row

15 slamballs 

10 Burpees

Max T2b 

Rest 3min 

3min AMRAP 

15/12cal row

15 slamballs 

5 Burpees 

Max t2b

WOD 5.8.17

Skill:5×3 OHS


20min AMRAP with a partner

1 round of “Barbara”

20 pull ups

30 push ups

40 sit ups

50 sit ups


1 round of “Kelly”

400m run

30 kbs

30 box jumps



30 snatches

Friday Mash

*Reminder: our introductory Nutrition/mobility seminar is this Saturday following the 9:30 class. Coach Erika will have some great insights into how to properly fuel your body and answer any questions you may have about any and all things related. All are welcome. 10:30 open gym is postponed until the nutrition/mobility series is complete. 
Happy birthday, Kimmie R!

5 rounds of:

6 Renegade rows

17 DUs

Rest 3min 
3 rounds of:

12 DB step ups

12 T2B

12cal row

Rest 5min 



Box jumps

WOD: 5.4.17

Flush:25min AMRAP 

40 flutter kicks

30 slamballs 

20 ice skaters

10cal bike

*run 300m every 5min

Barbell Club:

A) 8 sets of:

snatch + 2 OHS

B) 7×2 back squats 

C) 7×2 weighted pull ups 


15x100m sprints

Rest 1min

WOD 5.3.17

Skill:A1) muscle up progressions

A2) double KB C&J


400m farmer’s walk

40 sit ups

400m OH walk 

40 sit ups

400m back peddle

40 sit ups


Front Squats

DB Snatch
150m Sled Sprint
*alternate rounds with a partner
*weight of sled increases each set

News and Info

Open season is here! Good luck everyone!

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