Choose your adventure… Flush: 25min AMRAP 15 Sit-Ups 15cal Row 15 Plate G2O 15 Box Jump 15 Back Extension Weightlifting: A) Clean and Jerk: 65%/3+1, 70%/3+1, 75%/3+1, (80%/2+1)2 B) Front Squat: (75%/3)8 C) Muscle-Ups D) Mobility for VJ Endurance: 3 rounds of...


Skill: EMOM(10) E: 5 OHS O: 45 DU Wod: 16min AMRAP 12 Wallball 8 Deadlift 2+1 Shuttle Run


Skill: A1) 5×5 Evil Wheel w/ 2sec pause A2) 5x(5-8) HSPU variations Wod: 3min AMRAP 300m Row 18 KBS Max Push Press (95/55) Rest 3min 3min AMRAP 400m Row 15 KBS Max Push Press (115/65) Rest 3min 3min AMRAP 500m Row 12 KBS Max Push Press...


Skill: EMOM(8) Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean Wod: for time, in partners 40-30-20 of Pull-Ups Box Jump Front Squat (135/95)


Friday Mash-Up Annie 50-40-30-20-10 of Sit-Ups DU Rest 3min Elizabeth 21-15-9 of Power Clean Ring Dip Rest 3min Jackie 1k Row 50 Thruster (45/35) 30 Pull-Ups