Skill: max TGU in 5min Wod: 3 rounds for time, in partners 60cal Row 30 Box Dip 600m Burden Carry 6 Rope Climb


Skill: A1) Jerk Balance 7×2 A2) Deadlift 5-5-5-3-3-3-3 Wod: EMOM(3) of 5 Thruster + 5 Pull-up Rest 1min EMOM(2) of 6 Thruster + 6 Pull-up Rest 1min EMOM(1) of 7 Thruster + Max Pull-up


Happy birthday Chris and Matt!!! ??? Skill: every 2min for 10min 8 Back Squat @50% 100m Run WOD: 12min AMRAP 35 DU 12 Hang Power Clean 12 T2B


Choose your adventure… Endurance: 2 rounds of 1200m Run (or Row) Rest 3min 800m Run (or Row) Rest 2min 400m Run (or Row) Rest 1min Flush: 25min AMRAP of 30m Bear Crawl 30 Quarter Squat Jump Touch 30 Slamball 30 Bicycle 30 Band Pull Apart 30s Plank Barbell Club:...


Skill: Strict Press 10-10-6-6-2-2 Wod: 3 rounds for time of 20 Box Jump 20m DB Lunge 20 Pull-Up 200m Farmer Walk