Friday Mash-Up 800m Run 30 Wallball 30 SDHP 600m Run 20 Wallball 20 SDHP 400m Run 10 Wallball 10 SDHP Rest 4min 5 rounds of: 1 Rope Climb 5 C&J Rest 4min 50 Sit-Up 500m Row 50...


Flush: 25min AMRAP 30 Flutter Kick 20 Slamball 100m Sandbag Carry 20cal Row 30 Bicycle Endurance: 2 rounds for time of 800m Run 2mi Bike 1k Row Barbell Club: A) Squat Clean: work up to heavy double B) Split Jerk: work up to heavy single c) Overhead Squat:...


Skill: 8min each for skill practice A) 30 Tire Flips for time B) Pistols/HSPU C) Muscle-Up progression Wod: for time, in teams of 3 1mile Burden Medley – Sled Drag – Farmer Walk – Front Rack Hold


Skill: Back Squat 2×20 @ 50% Wod: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 KBS T2B Push-Up


Flush: 25min AMRAP 200m slamball run 20 step ups holding slamball 20 slamball shots Must complete whole round without setting slamball down or 20 Burpee penalty Endurance: Rowing 9 rounds of 1:40 Row, 20sec Rest Barbell Club: A) 7 sets of 3-pos snatch (High hang,...