WOD: 7.28.17

Tabata x4 SDHP Air squats Atomic sit ups Ice skaters Rest 4min 8min AMRAP 1,2,3,4…. OHS pull ups Box jumps Rest 4min 40-30-20-10 DB snatch DUs Shuttle runs...

WOD: 7.27.17

Flush: 10 slamball Burpees (no push up) 20 cal row 30 bicycles 40m bear crawl Endurance: 5k row Barbell Club: A) 6 sets of Power clean Front squat Hang power clean Front squat Split jerk B1) 3×15 ghd sit ups B2) 3×8 rack lunges c)...

WOD: 7.26.17

Skill: A1) 3×8 Strict press A2) 3×8 Aussie pull ups WOD: 14min AMRAP 12 DB Push press 10cal Row 8 Box dips 6 t2b

WOD: 7.25.17

Happy bday, Joe, and congratulations on your retirement! Skill: 3×5 (each leg) Front rack step ups (heavier than last week) WOD: TBD DL (70%) TBD Sled pull + Farmers walk (heavy as possible)

WOD: 7.24.17

Happy bday, Matt! Skill: 7×1 OHS @85% WOD: 3min amrap, rest 2min, reset 6min AMRAP, rest 2min, reset Complete for time 33 DUs 33 kbs 33 Wallball 33 box jumps 33 Burpees 33 front squats 95/65 330m...