Friday Mash 

Happy birthday, Sherri! With a partner P1: plank hold P2: slamball clusters *must accumulate 70 P1: dead hang P2: DUs *must accumulate 200 P1: front rack hold (2 kbs) P2: push ups *must accumulate 80 Rest 4min 51 kbs 51cal row 51 partner Burpees 51 Back squats 51...

WOD: 8.31.17

Endurance: 30min assault bike E5MOTM: 30sec plank Flush: 25min amrap  30 Bicycles 20 Ice skaters 15sec Dead hang 15 Plate G2O 100m farmer’s walk Barbell Club: A) work to a heavy squat clean B1) 4×8 DB row B2) 4×8 floor press C1) 3×15 GHD sit...

WOD: 8.30.17

Skill: Split jerk technique WOD: 3 rounds of: 7 Push press (135/95) 14 Box jumps 21cal row 28m lunges 350m burden run


Skill: 1rm DL WOD: 8min AMRAP 1,2,3,4… C2B Pull ups 35 DUs (Varsity: perform Muscle ups)

WOD: 8.28.17

Happy birthday, Kimmie! Skill: 5×3 hang power snatch (high hang pos) WOD: 55 SDHP 65/45 55 OHS 65/45 55 Burpees over the bar